London Tantric Massage and Other Types that are Worth a Try!

1435864764_IMG_9969I was about to make a trip to London with my friends and were looking for unique things to do that I had never tried before. While researching we came across sensual massage and various other types of massages that we were not quite familiar with. On researching more we made up our minds, that this was a must for all of us. As we would definitely be stressed after the long hours spent in the flight, we decided to head to the massage place first. The services even offered us to call them out, but we had to pay extra. Besides, we had a lot of time to spare so we did not mind that short trip.

We just wanted to be relaxed and refreshed before we started with our bucket list for London. These massages seemed to be good starters. The prices were based on hourly basis and seemed quite affordable. They even offered a variety of different services like prostate massage, body to body, four hands and so on. As we were four of us we decided to try different massages that were being offered by professional masseuse. They even had a detailed profile about these women online that helped us know them better. All these pointers led us directly to the one we always fantasized of having in our dreams.

As soon as we arrived at the London airport, we caught a taxi and headed straight to the London tantric massage centre and were welcomed and taken care of immediately. As we were kept waiting for a minute at the reception the masseuses that we had booked came to assist us to our private chambers. To our surprise they looked even stunning in reality and we just could not thank our luck. As the massages progressed from slower pace there was something very different about them. The oil they used was a different fragrance all together and along with the ambience we all sank in deep healing.

Her gentle hands as they rolled over my naked body were enough to stimulate my brain and arouse my body. Within a matter of time, I was at my sexual peak and to distract myself I decided to speak to her. In the state of mind that I was in, everything seemed to be surreal. Her smile and every word that came out of her mouth kept my mind wandering as she cured my aches and pains simultaneously. She seemed to be quite friendly and took care of the problem areas in my body.

Never for a moment I felt uncomfortable and was very happy to be there. Once we were done, all my other friends seemed to be at peace. From the look on their faces we all knew that we had had a good time. That night we certainly had the best sleep of our lives and were excited to make a trip again. We decided to do it before we headed back to our work lives that would make us stressed and tired again.

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